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skydancer UG Köln, Konzept skydancer UG, Presse skydancer UG

We are looking for investors to open the production of cabrio RVs in the USA on the basic of our patents: US9403472 B2.


SKYDANCER APERO at the biggest italian RV show in Parma: :


Full 8 days the amazed visitors standing queue befor the car to visit inside.


Please let us introduce our new motor home-concept to you.

We are a start up from Cologne in Germany with international team. Skydancer GmbH is specialized in the development of alternative concepts for the construction of motor homes. We recently have a received a US-patent for of othe main aspects our idea. Now we are looking for an innovative and experienced partner to make the invention popular Wordwide (especially US Market and China Market)

Our concept provides a construction where the driving cabin is placed above the living compartment. It feels like driving and living  by the motor yacht. We built  two milestone prototypes ATEGO 7.5 and APERO. Wie are sure that you will immediately see the potential and the advantages ( ) of the construction. Because of his driving compartment on the elevated level and near the roof, our RV concept make possible to build a convertible RV.

The users already gave their applause: When I exhibited a prototype of the RV Cabrio at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf , CMT Stuttgart, Calone der Campero Parma Italy, FREE Munich - the biggest RV shows in Europe - the visitor’s reaction was even more than enthusiastic. You can find a note about that on various internet portals worldwide. Just search: "  Skydancer Apero  "

Of course, our convertible RV-concept doesn’t have the claim to be better than an ordinary Class A, but it contains a nice option to enlarge products range of RVs on the market. And even if it‘s a one piece of market, the company that produces this RV, will not have to share that special market segment with many other competitors!

We would like to persuade you to do nothing more than to build one single exemplar of a RV in order to present it to the public. Just experience, how likely a success of this concept in your country would be. And after this, we hope to make this gorgeous business together with you.


Piotr Kubinski

CEO Skydancer GmbH


Search also for our new product "skydancer apero".





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