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Pricelist Apero
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Apero 1- now from € 108 000,-!


Order now - available from Jan 2021.


Since we have limited financial and production capacities at the beginning, the ordering process is subject to a few rules:

NEW: Individual order and successive payment method.

Successive payment means that the cars are built specifically for a specific order and are paid in steps before construction progress. If a first step of paymend is done we ordered chassis by the Fiat. After that, as we have a chassis, manufacturing process and next steps begins. The customer is informed of the chassis number of his vehicle and becomes the owner of all already prepaid material and manufacturing services.


30% for vehicle chassis 

30% on chassis conversion + empty cabin

30% for indoor equipment with devices

10% final payment by picking up the car.



Other buing Options:

All other classic orders, where the finished vehicle will offer to sell: that options will probably be realized up second half 2022.





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