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Best sides of our concept.  "2 B" on small truck chassis like Fiat Ducato

left: "2B" (double floor elevation)                          right: integratet RV /Class A

1.  Greater field of view for the driver.  The glass can be brought to an even lower position if required (because the space for engine ist under the bottom, not in front of driver).

2) Large Bonnet (hood) is much better for engine service than a very thin- typical for modern Integrated van RV ( like Ducato).

3. Simply amazing. Sleep under the stars on the front double bed with the roof open. The new front bed is even bigger than in this picture.

4)  Not only front seats schould be best for travel. On board of AR even the passengers on the rear seats have a the same good view (they must not seat in livingroom behind).

Also the rear single seats are better than a thin double seat!


5. Two different eating positions – one in the open air! ( better than two positions with the same caracter).

We not follow double sitting corner idea at present moment. Rear part included now double bed an bicycle garage until bed.(2019)

 6) higher driving position = better view (over threes, walls etc.)

7. Crumple zone in case of accident is below driving position.

8. Safety! In the event of an accident the seating positions are not subject to objects flying from the habitation area.

9. Less risk of hitting low bridges and other obstacles due to the higher seating position of the driver.

10. Aerodynamics improved due to elmination of over cab. 

Do motorhome purchasers want to drive it as though it were a lorry?  If not, then why not use our suggestion which links the idea of driving a limousine.

13) More space inside because the driver position ist over and not behind the engine.

14) There ist no bed over the drivers head. And he seat much near on the roof:

Best conditions to make this car convertible!

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