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Our aim is to supply alternative conceptions for motorhomes.  If you are looking for something which is well equipped but well out of the ordinary then you have come to the right place. 

Our main innovation is what we call the reverse cab-over.  It is really a cab-under!!!   This means that instead of having a sleeping position over the cab, it is in fact under the driving position!


This concept has already been introduced in the 7.5 tonne prototype on a Mercedesa Atego chassis which we call the Skydancer. It was exhibited at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf in 2014 and received a great deal of interest.  It features another one of our concepts which is all round 360º vision. 

We are now interested in introducing the idea of cab-under to popular motorhomes with a GVW of  3,500kg .  The Fiat Ducato chassis is the most popular making up 75%  of the market.  We have now devoloped a framework where the cab under concept would work with Fiat. This type of construction is completely new.



Our next speciality is cabriolet motorhomes.  The idea of the cab under ideally lends itself to this solution as there is no longer anything above the driving position and passengers sit in the elevanted cabin. 



Another benefit of this is that the seating arrangements keep people close together and they can chat whilst travelling!







Piotr Kubinski

CEO skydancer GmbH

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